As a trusted California HVAC contractor, we’re here to tell you that the most important thing about your indoor comfort system is not the equipment. Does that sound counter intuitive? We’re serious. The most important aspect of comfort is the design and installation of your system. With that said, yes, you want that system built on the foundation of quality equipment. The great news is that we deliver both. When you trust Efficiency Heating and Cooling, you’re receiving some of the finest HVAC service in the California State — we guarantee it!

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Air Conditioner
An air conditioner has one primary job, and that is to compress refrigerant which chills it. The chilled refrigerant is then pumped inside to the indoor coil, and warm air from the home is forced through the coil. The refrigerant removes heat energy from the air, and the now heated refrigerant is sent back outside to the air conditioner and the process repeats.


Heat Pump
A heat pump looks similar to an air conditioner, and acts just like one during the summer when you need to cool your home. However, when cooler weather hits California, a heat pump can also reverse the cooling process and heat your home! This is done by extracting heat energy from the air outside, and using that to warm the air inside. Even when outside air is cool, there is still heat energy in it.


TR_XR80_Gas Furnace - Large
Gas Furnace
A gas furnace is the most widely used product to provide heat to residential homes. Modern, condensing gas furnaces offer extremely high efficiency ratings along with whisper quiet operation. You no longer have to turn up the TV when the furnace kicks on! Fully modulating flames and variable speed ECM fan motors make your utility bills much lower while providing increased comfort!


Fan Coil
A fan coil is used only when you’re not using a furnace to heat your home. For example, if you have a radiant heating system, then you would use a fan coil. The reason? Because the fan motor in your furnace is used for air conditioning as well. Without the furnace, a fan motor and indoor coil are still required to cool. These are combined into a fan coil, sometimes called an air handler.


Coil Half Upflow
Evaporator Coil
Without one of these, your air conditioner would be completely useless. An air conditioner chills refrigerant, and pumps the refrigerant inside to the indoor coil. If you heat with a furnace, the indoor coil is contained in the evaporator coil. Warm air from the home is forced through the chilled coil. The coil absorbs heat energy from the air, and also dehumidifies it because water condensates on the coil.


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Packaged System
Normal heating and air conditioning systems are called split systems, because the air conditioner (or heat pump) is located outside while the rest of the equipment is located inside. Sometimes space constraints make locating equipment indoors not possible, and in this scenario a packaged system can be the answer. Packaged systems combine everything into a single foot print.


Ductless Systems
If you’ve been heating or cooling a living space with noisy window or floor units, we have great news for you — ductless air conditioning and heating products deliver efficient, quiet comfort to any living space without the need for ductwork. They’re also called “mini-splits” because like their big brothers, the equipment is split between inside and outside your home.


Modern thermostats offer a plethora of options for controlling the comfort of your home. No longer does a thermostat simply control the temperature, but instead they feature options like weather forecasts, auto-learning, programming, remote access – and more! Call Efficiency Heating and Cooling to learn more about the ideal thermostat for your home and HVAC system.